3D Webcams

Location set of 3D webcam with glasses, clip and USB. This is the newest development in online broadcasting via computer technology.
History of Webcams
The concept for the webcam is rather new and goes back to around 1990 and stands for a camera that transmits still or moving images over a network connection. Cambridge University researchers started looking for ways to remotely monitor the coffee pot in the Coffee Room of the Computer Science Department. The researchers wanted to be able to see the coffee pot from their desks, so they could tell whether the pot was filled up or empty. That way, the researchers wouldn’t have to waste a trip to the Coffee Room for java before it was ready. The first strategy the researchers used in 1991 was to train a digital camera on the coffee pot and wire it to their computers. A specialized software allowed the researchers to view the camera’s images. At least that is the tale distributed online by a portal known as ehow.
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